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Now you can free yourself from negative emotions holding you back, almost instantly…

Within Minutes of Using These Techniques, You Can Eliminate A Lifetime of Anger, Fear, Shyness or Any Negative Emotion.

Even Better, You Will Turn Your Life Around And Go After Your Goals With Everything You Have.

No Longer Held Back By Age Old Obstacles, Resistance or Self-Sabotage.

• Live your ultimate life of freedom, love, openness, and the
fearlessness you were meant to have.

• Get in touch with your deepest heart’s desire and watch it come to life. You can have it – even if you can’t even dream it yet.

• Have the unlimited wealth you deserve.

• Have the passionate romance you’ve only dreamed about – even if your relationship has gone stale. You can fix the relationships you want to keep or free yourself to find true love – which you may never have thought was possible.

• Become closer to your children and have them love and respect you.

• Step through your parents’ limitations and love them for who they are and create powerful connections. This is possible even if it has been denied to you until now.

• Traumas and bad feelings are ended. The negative emotions, the anger, the fear – all of that just stops.

• And the best part is – you’ll be stunned how quickly it works and I can put the secret in your hands in just minutes.

A Tool So Powerful It Helped a Cult Member Break Free

“My brother joined a cult in the Appalachian mountains and married the leader’s daughter. He no longer communicated with the family. One day, I received an invitation to visit him on the condition they we not talk but only sit and admire nature. Dr. Kilstein urged me to accept the visit and the condition.

He wrote out a story that I left in my brother’s bathroom. I remember him saying, “Everyone reads in the bathroom.” A week after I left my brother called and asked if there was more to the story. Dr. Kilstein wrote out part 2 and I sent it to him. My brother came home to stay a month later without any explanation. When I asked him why he only said something in the story made him want to return home.

Dr. Kilstein is a magician. My family is eternally grateful.”  – David Karter, Boca Raton, FL

Finally Stop Keeping Things Bottled Up Inside

“One day I discovered my husband was having an affair. I was afraid to confront him. I was afraid to deal with it.  I kept it inside of me hoping against hope he would stop. He didn’t.”

“Ever since I was a little girl I learned to keep things inside of me.  I bottled up every emotion to continue to be a good little girl. I wanted to be so good that everything would be perfect in my life. It didn’t work out that way. I was depressed. But I kept it inside. I was sad all the time. I was barely living my life”.

“Dr Kilstein showed me how to find my own voice. I took my husband by the hand and shared with him how hurt I felt. I was stunned when he started to cry. He begged for my forgiveness.  As tears poured down both our faces, I found the courage to start again with him. He has been loyal ever since.  My life is forever changed.”  – Naomi Singer, San Diego, CA

Whatever comes into your life is your teacher. Every opportunity. Every disappointment. Every argument. Every rejoicing. Every love as it enters or departs. They all come to enrich your life. Just welcome it.    – Dr. Harlan Kilstein

Dear Friend, 

I don’t know how you found us here but I believe this short message will make you look back as the best day of the start of your new life. Let me explain what this is all about.

Now you can learn to use your natural ability to communicate more genuinely (and direct from the heart). You’ll be touching people emotionally as you could only dream of before… while eliminating being fearful, timid, angry and other hurtful reactions… and, if you’re like most people using these new techniques – making long term changes almost overnight!

Impossible? Not once you experience the simplicity and the power of Emotional Integrity.  That’s what we call this new method that allows people to make rapid changes in the most difficult situations in their life.

If you’ve ever wanted to overcome all fears, roadblocks and hesitations in your life… while discovering a totally new and empowered you… then this will be the most important message you ever read.

Here’s what this is all about: My name is Dr. Harlan Kilstein. I have a world class reputation for rolling up my sleeves and helping people fix what’s broken or not working in their lives.

Women who were raped or abused…children who were hurt or scarred by their parents, couples who were unable to talk and had not been intimate in years, parents who had no communication with their children, people who held themselves back from greatness in life and were too timid afraid to break through to the other side.

I was able to help them all.

And I believe my simple techniques that take just minutes to implement can dramatically change your life.  You can have a life of hope, energy, emotional freedom and all good things that come with it.  These can include more money, happiness, new relationships that leave you satisfied, and restoring old relationships that have gone bad.


I’ve helped people held prisoner by their emotions. One day they could communicate with empathy and touch people’s hearts… while the next afternoon their emotions would absolutely go all to hell.

You’ve probably met people always blaming the other people in their life. It was always the other guy. Until I gently hold up the mirror and they realize – they are the other guy.

So many people have bosses who treated them unfairly and underpaid them but they never spoke up for themselves.

People have things they want to share with their partners but hold them inside until they feel they will burst.

I help people overcome financial limitations who were drowning in debt.

I have intervened with people living their life one emotional hair-trigger away from exploding and destroying their life, family, and future.

So many people are emotional hostages and see no way to escape. They live a shadow life and never live their fullest potential.

But now there’s a simple way to make dramatic and long lasting changes in your life.



Fortunately, I’m The Kind Of Guy Who Will Stop At Nothing To Help People Achieve Their Goals!

Now You Can Overcome Crippling Patterns In Your Life!

The essence of what I do is help people understand the limiting patterns in their lives. 

People live their lives repeating patterns that do not serve them.

There are two steps to the process:

  • Identifying patterns that may have been running since childhood limiting peoples’ lives.

  • Helping people overcome these patterns and help them with more useful ones.

Once you’ve done these two steps it’s easy to..

Root Out The Real Cause of What’s Been Holding You Back!

Over the years of working with people I have came to understand the number one issue people faced in their lives was fear. And if you could overcome fear, you became UNSTOPPABLE.

Let me show you how to move beyond fear.

” I told Harlan about the day I erupted at my ex and threw my shoes at him. It escalated into the worst fight of our marriage. When he told me what his heartfelt response would have been, I began to cry. This course should be required for every single person in a relationship.”

D. Bloom, Davie, Florida

“I met Harlan 30 years ago, I watched his teaching methods, and was very curious. I’ve never met anyone who could teach people how to overcome their limited financial mindset like Harlan. I’ve gone to create an 8 figure business because of his teachings.”

Ben Hoffman, San Diego, California

“My mother was at the early stages of dementia. Her personality had turned and there was nothing the doctors could do for her. Caring for her was the most demanding experience of my life. Harlan taught me how to do this with love. After my mother passed, people wondered how I had the strength to do it.”

Anna Bender, Paris, France

I think there’s only one emotion. That’s fear. All of the other so-called emotions are what I call dances, reactions, to fear. But they’re a reaction. They’re not an emotion. It’s a dance step that we’ve learned. We’ve learned to respond to stimuli in a certain manner. It’s that simple.       – Dr. Dave Dobson

Keep Reading to Discover A Life Changing Solution That’s Guaranteed To Eliminate Everything Holding You Back in Your Life! And You Won’t Believe How Simple It Is.

My husband used to yell and scream at the kids and I all the time! One day I decided to do what Harlan taught. I went right up to him and took his hand, looked him in the eye and said, ‘Have I told you how much I care about you?’ He began to cry, hugged me back and we never had an incident like that again.”

Mary Fogarty, Brooklyn, NY

“My son was afraid to go to bed at night. One night, instead of yelling at him, I took Harlan’s teachings and put them into practice. We never had another problem.”

Eddie Harris, Long Beach, NY

“My son had failed every subject in school. He had an undiagnosed learning disability. Harlan not only spotted it but also invented a game my son loved to play that corrected this issue. Today, he runs a charity helping special needs kids.”

Mel Davis, Old Bethpage, New York

And that’s why I went into the studio to create: The Emotional Integrity Program

The root cause of all anger eruptions… and how to use a simple, easy mental “adjustment” that will instantly cool your anger! (Imagine consistently staying calm and collected and being able to focus on the real problem without distractions.) It’s really that simple. You can switch off your anger as easily as you turn off a light switch.

How to uncover the hidden sources of friction in your relationships in the shortest time possible… while you draw closer to your partner in the face of tears and tirades that come your way! (You’ll learn everything you need to have your partner feel heard and understood.)  The look of astonishment (and love) in the eyes of your partner will be worth the simple adjustment.

Why you don’t need years of therapy to understand the blockages in your life… even if they are “deep seated” and have been ruining your life for years. (In fact, you’ll get to the core issues faster and discover how to rapidly fix them!)  Look therapists want to help you but they are used to long term clients. We’d rather help you fast – yes the Emotional Integrity is that powerful.

How your emotions hold you back from financial success! (Not one business coach in a thousand even suspects the real reason holding you back!) Here’s how to rapidly reverse this situation.  In fact, a room full of millionaires paid to have me do the Emotional Integrity technique with them to overcome THEIR fears that the money wouldn’t continue. 

How your health is hard-wired to your emotions — and how you can short cut your way to weight loss, lower stress levels, and better care for yourself with this simple secret!  Your struggles will be ancient history. Just follow along with the video and fill in the sheet I provide and then with Harry Potter like magic, your problems are gone.

Understand exactly why attempts to change in the past failed and how a deeper understanding of your brain will ensure your success. Since all change starts in the mind, understanding how it works is critical.  You’ll know exactly why things didn’t work and be relieved with the changes.

What I learned from Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Weisel (my former teacher) that changed the way I look at the world. I spent hours in his home learning his worldview and I’ll share it with you. The inner struggles that took him years to overcome will happen much more quickly for you.

The three ways people deal with emotions (ineffectively) and why the unknown fourth path leads you directly to a fuller, richer, happier life. This will bring about an immediate change in your most difficult encounters. It’s so counter-intuitive people would never think of it.  But if you think of the most challenging people in your life, this simple mind-trick is all you need.

Have difficulties relating to your children (regardless of the age)? These techniques will enable you to move past the difficulties and experience real closeness and love. Even if they are stubborn and refuse to change you’ll both experience a huge difference.  As children get to be a certain age problems start up. What if you could defuse them in seconds and have them love and respect you?

The loveable character at the core of all of your problems. Why it can’t be forced to change and a sure fire technique to get it to buy into new possibilities.  This is the single factor holding you back in life and mastering this is critical to a lifetime of change and success. (It’s so easy too!)

Most people love a smorgasbord but the most important one in the world you’ve probably never heard of. It’s called the Emotional Smorgasbord and it allows you to select the emotions you want to experience rather than deal with what you get. People tend to respond in the same ways over and over again. When you chose from the smorgasbord, it FORCES them to change – instantly.

Dave Dobson’s never before revealed Gold mining strategy. Do this regularly and you’ll see a bigger smile on your face.  You’ll find yourself speaking up more often. You’ll be unwilling to play wall-flower any longer. Yes you will step into your power – and be forever changed.

Sometimes the most difficult relationships are the ones with our parents. They may want to intrude on our lives, demand our attention, treat our partners with disrespect, or even insult us. Many people choose to distance themselves as a way of protecting ourselves. There’s another way most people never think of that allows us to love them for who they are. I had to come up with this technique out of necessity myself. The first time I used it my cantankerous mom thought carefully for a few moments and said, “I love you so much.” (And I’m thinking, “Who kidnapped my mom and replaced her with this sweet woman!”

Bad encounters can come back to haunt you again and again unless you’ve learned the emotional clean up technique. This powerful tool lets you eliminate charge from any situation. (Tony Robbins uses this technique with his high priced coaching clients one-on-one but has never taught this publicly.)  Not only will I walk you through it, but I’ll help you in our Facebook group if there’s a problem.

Emotions 911 – You’re in a situation you don’t want to be in but have no choice. Here’s a powerful technique to shift your emotions on the spot so you can change your response.

PLUS: live working sessions with members of the studio audience… you’ll see them work on issues of core importance to them. And by following step by step what I do with them (you’ll have the instruction sheets in your hands) you’ll be able to do the work on yourself.

And there’s more: You will also get access to a private Facebook group where you can get all of your questions answered.

Can the Emotional Integrity technique make a difference in your life? You bet it can!

Just listen to what these people say:

“Being raped was the biggest nightmare of my life. Since that time I had trouble with intimacy issues. Working with Dr. Kilstein changed my life. I’m now the mother of 4 wonderful children and happily married for 10 years”

C. M. Sanderson, Toronto Canada

“As the child of alcoholic parents, I ran away from home as a teenager. Somehow, my parents found Dr. Kilstein. He was the first adult to listen to me. He sat with me with my parents and convinced them to join AA together.”

Jeryl Zettler, Edison, NJ

“When our daughter realized she was abused by my former spouse, she wouldn’t talk to anyone about it. I watch Dr. Kilstein work with her for hours. She didn’t say a word. She just listened. At the end of the session she smiled for the first time in a year. Within a few months, I had my daughter back.”

Gilda Martin, Fort Lee, NJ

“As a teenager, I still wet my bed. I was embarrassed to tell anyone. Not only was it easy to work with Dr. Kilstein, I was laughing so hard during the treatment, I didn’t realize the problem was gone.”

Shira Hollander, Elizabeth, NJ

 “Every time I met a woman the relationship was over before it started. I thought I was broken and was going to stay single for the rest of my life. Dr. Kilstein taught a technique I used on every date on went on from that day forward. There weren’t too many of them because within 6 months I was engaged to the most wonderful woman in the world.”

John Fiorentino, San Antonio, TX

“I have been to many self improvement programs and bought hundreds of courses. Still I have seen very little improvement in my life. Harlan, not only did you show me how to become a happier person, but you helped me launch my career as a business coach. I can never thank you enough.”

Norman Grossman, Crown Heights, NY

“If you look up the word abusive in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of my ex-husband. He beat me, cursed me and degraded me beyond all description. Dr. Kilstein helped me find myself in the midst of horror and showed me a better way. I’m happily married now with children from both marriages. The best day in my life was when I saw Dr. Kilstein again and got to say ‘Thank you’”.

Tamar Singer, Coral Springs, FL

“After my divorce I thought my life was over. My self-esteem was in the toilet. I spent all my time divided between caring for my children and my job. Harlan taught me I deserved more and I learned to share what was on my heart with the women I met. I’m less stressed and engaged to a woman I really care about and she cares about me.”

Frank Charles, Atlanta GA

Are these clients or family members any different than you? No, they are not. They represent people from around the world with “impossible problems” that I was able to help.

The only thing they did was to put their doubts aside… and give my techniques a try. For some of them, it cost several thousand dollars in one on one sessions — and were worth every penny.

If you, too, can simply put your doubts aside for a short time, you can see for yourself just what you need to live a life filled with love and emotional integrity… get closer than ever before to the people you love… and become a master of your future!

Even Better, You’ll Get The Same Ability To Completely Change Your Life For A Fraction Of What Everyone Else Had To Pay!

Listen: If you’re like most people I’ve worked with, they had given up hope there would ever be an easy way to overcome problems they’d been working on their entire life! But they put their doubts aside long enough to try my techniques.

What you are about to discover in Emotional Integrity is entirely new. It’s not the same old stuff relabeled under a new name.

This is breakthrough mind-brain-heart connection material no one has ever seen before. It’s a radical departure from anything you’ve heard or experienced before.

People are going to disappoint you from time to time… If you go through life trying to protect yourself, it ain’t going to happen. There will be disappointments.  – Dr. Dave Dobson

Your New Life Is Just Ahead

Here’s what I want for you:

  • The ability to break free from playing small so you can experience real freedom, love, openness, and fearlessness (even if you’ve never done it before).
  • The ability to connect with what’s unsaid inside your heart and be able to express it openly and boldly.
  • I want you to have financial freedom and unlimited wealth. (You can have it all).
  • I want you to live your life filled with passion even if the one in your life is bored or no longer interested.
  • I want you to have the kind of relationship you never dreamed about with your children and have them love you and respect you.
  • I want you to be able to see beyond your parents behaviors and create an incredible connection with them and honestly love them.

and ultimately…


I Want You To Master Your Life and Experience Freedom

  • Discover how to tune inward and dial down outside distractions in your life so your can open up to the messages calling from your emotions and your heart.
  • Ask yourself questions to bring yourself in alignment with desires you didn’t even know you had.
  • Rapidly and easily sort out real desires from misguided hopes and wishes. You’ll rapidly distinguish between the voice calling from your own heart and the demands made on you by others.
  • You’ll be able to focus on exactly what you want out of life and eliminate all obstacles keeping you from your dreams.
  • You’ll make the right decisions without ever second guessing yourself. For many people this is one of the most important principles they’ll ever learn.

It’s two full days of my best trainings that are guaranteed to make a profound change in your life.

So let me tell you how to access the training: Click on the link to order RIGHT NOW. You can use your credit card with PayPal— it’s fast, safe and 100% secure… ten times more secure than using a credit card at your favorite restaurant! You’ll get immediate access to the trainings.

You can view these videos on your desktop or your smart phone. The trainings are in small pieces so you can watch and grow at your own pace.

The price of $297 wouldn’t even buy you 15 minutes with me at my regular consulting fees. People have paid me handsomely and flown me around the world to help people change solely on word of mouth.

Only you can place a price on what true and authentic change is worth to you. Sadly, I know the price people paid who had the opportunity to work with me and didn’t do so.

It breaks my heart when I meet people I know I could have helped but – for one reason or another – I could not connect with them.

Now, my dream comes true and I can help people achieve their heart’s desire around the world.



You Also Get A 3-Month No-Risk 
100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Here’s how it works: Order your online access to Emotional Integrity and I’ll personally guarantee you get a complete refund of your purchase price if you feel it hasn’t lived up to my description. No questions asked. No hassles or forms to fill out. No problems at all.

How can I afford such a long guarantee? Easy — so far, every single person I know of who has experienced these techniques have made LASTING CHANGES.

In fact, people who worked with my students experienced the same lasting results. These techniques are powerful.

So I’m pretty darned confident it can work magic for you, too. Think about it: You can easily turn your life around. Allow me to show you how.

Look I’ve bought a library full of self-help books and a ton of motivational tapes, recordings, and attended lots of high-priced seminars.

I honestly want to share these amazing new teachings with you, and I don’t want you to have to worry about getting “taken” or anything. I’ve been misled by phony experts trying to get me to buy into their recycled programs before. It’s hard to find someone you can trust. That’s why I’m being so generous.

And you have absolutely nothing to lose with this super-generous money-back guarantee! I stake my reputation on the results you will get.

Perhaps more important, I had to work for years to get to where I am today emotionally. I don’t want your journey to be nearly as long.
Order right now. You’ll experience lasting change or I don’t want your money.


Dr. Harlan Kilstein



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